Wednesday 2 April 2014

If Fish is Good for the Brain - then Fishing must be Better!

Our last holiday...was that late 1990's or early 2000's?
Contributed by "The Log Builder's Wife"

It's been too long, I think, since Mr Boys and I have had a holiday...

...most of you who know us have seen this picture a couple of times - and you have to admit for bragging rights - it's worth a second look. (We caught this salmon in our double-ocean-going-kayak which I bought John for his birthday because I wanted it).

...But I think it may be a bit pathetic to keep dragging this picture out because we don't have anything recent to share!

Over 20 years ago, John decided that we should cut ourselves off from TV, in order to use that time for recreation - walk the dogs, go mountain biking and so on...

So we have not had TV since 1994, but rather than using those hours for recreation - we, and particularly John, found it easy to fill those hours with work and more work. Easy to do when you enjoy the challenges of your work like John does - and hard to tear oneself away from it for that same reason!

Never the less, I'm thinking that all work and no play could make John a dull boy which is why I've decided to take up fishing, and I'm going to take Johnny with me! (A lot!)  

So when you phone Nicola LogWorks and you get the message telling you that we are on another call - I hope we are out answering the call of the wild, following the the lure of the lure and testing the old adage: Work fills the time allotted!

Will keep you posted on the success of this experiment! 
Gone Fishing! (The Log Builder's Wife)