Thursday 1 March 2018

'We' Won!

The Okanagan College Trades Renewal & Expansion Project  Awarded at BC Wood Awards Gala

John Boys on a recent informal inspection of the OK College Trades Building

We were  pleased to learn that  one of our recent projects was awarded for the BC Wood Design Awards 2018 in the category
'Institutional Wood Design: Large".

Scope of our work included survey of the as-built and installation of the glulam roof deck on glulam rafters with curved columns, the main atrium and connecting walkway consisting of gluelam columns and rafters. (all supplied by Structurlam).

Nice Work if you can get it...Our part of the work took place during the summer of 2015 in Kelowna BC. (Blue skies, lakes and nightlife on the weekends for the younger set, and a short hop over the hill back to Merritt for the family guys.) 

The final touch. Nice!
Our working agreement was with PCL (one of our preferred contractors) which made for a pleasant and productive work environment, and when the project was complete our rigging and lifting skills were requested to assist with the install of what we consider to be the "Piece de Resistance" - a beautifully restored vintage single wing aircraft. This task was undertaken by Chris Bur - who together with Andreas Fricke of Bighorn timber frame also led the glulam installation crew;  (Jesse Bird, Jochen Wagenblast, Francois Vienne, Jarett Radomski, Owen Gregory and several other much appreciated colleagues who lent their skills to the project).

Our Big Take Away? Meticulous pre-planning and site survey of the as-built has a huge payoff (as usual).
Lessons Learned: When bracing our work (level and plumb) at the end of our scope - make it difficult if not impossible for other trades to tamper with the bracing.

Engineer: Fast + Epp
The firm of  Diamond Schmitt collaborating with  David Nairne + Associates Ltd. of North Vancouver, designed the complex.