Thursday 14 August 2014

Air Tight Log Homes

The intent of the New Energy Code is all about building green, healthy homes and reducing carbon foot-print and yet one of the oldest and time tested green building systems is struggling to survive in North America.
Log building is the original green building system requiring very little energy required to transform materials into a finished home while producing very little waste and boasting huge carbon sequestration.
It's hard to get more "Green" than that!
So why are log builders and their customers having a hard time pulling permits for log homes these days?

In BC, the new energy codes go into effect December 17th 2014. You can find out when and to what extent the jurisdiction(s) that you are building in will be affected by cruising the site of your local, state or provincial building authority.

To learn more about gasketing scribed log homes - go to (You can also see the original cartoons of Gasket Girl by Joe Ratushniak - or better still visit his web pages ( to enjoy his primary talent of wood carving and sculpture.

A well sealed log home will have no problem passing the blower door test. We highly recommend the FP Publications book: The Illustrated Guide to Log Home Construction by Dalibor Houdek. 

And finally, to find some of the best log home builders on the planet (yes the planet)....visit the International Log Builder's Association (ILBA), and learn about Best Practices in Log Construction.

Happy Building!